About Us

The Parrot Association of Canada is a group of dedicated aviculturists and breeders that came together out of a common interest in the breeding for the preservation of parrot species specifically and other avian species generally. In order to fund our group, we run a small shop, so please make sure to check out our products!

On February 26, 1994, a group of dedicated parrot owners, breeders and hobbyists met to discuss the need for a national organization to deal with both present and future government regulations and, most importantly, to assist Canadian psittacine aviculturists with the many facets of husbandry and breeding.

Seven months later, the first Annual Meeting of the Parrot Association of Canada was held at the Canadian Parrot Symposium in Toronto.

The first major project of the Association was to liaison and consult with the federal government on the Wild Animal & Plant Protection and Regulations of International & Interprovincial Trade Act. The government spelled out the implications of the Act which included encouraging captive breeding, preservation of wild species, and trade into and within Canada. An Act rumoured to be hazardous to aviculture in Canada, WAPPRIITA can actually be beneficial and promote captive bred parrots. The Parrot Association of Canada has a close working relationship with the Canadian World Parrot Trust and holds membership in PIJAC, several bird clubs and associations. It is currently one of the many sponsors of a veterinary student studying in South America under the tutelage of Dr. Charles Munn. The Parrot Association of Canada currently has representation in nine of the twelve Canadian provinces and territories with members also in the United Kingdom and the West Indies. The membership includes several of this country’s top avian vets, major breeders, government officials, breeders, owners and enthusiasts.